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Tiffany: Serafina
Flame: Brother Jimmy's
Tylene: Raccoon Lodge
Judy: Mug Shot Saloon
Rhonda: Sutton Place
Rachel: American Trash
Suzi: Mug Shot Saloon
Cheryl: Mug Shot Saloon(ex)
Spencer Kobren's : The Bald Truth
Public/Media Relations : and Internet promotion
Top 25 Cigar ratings:
Caterers/Party Planners:

Welcome to the Barmaid/Waitress Central

Welcome! If you are like us you know that there is nothing quite like a beautiful girl with access to unlimited amounts of alcohol. We are constantly smitten by the pulchritude and friendliness of the ladies of the food service industry. This site was created to celebrate the finest examples of the BARMAID/WAITRESS profession. It has profiles of our favorites with photos, schedules and more. E-mail us with comments/questions, pictures, notes, stories, etc and we'll add them to the site. We are based in New York City...but want photos, comments, anecdotes, humor...from all over. It is our goal to make this a fun reference site for Barmaid/Waitress Aficionados everywhere.

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